Monday, September 22, 2008

getting out of the habit

Have not been posting here as much as I should, I know. Have been doing a lot of shooting though, and have become temporarily obsessed with facebook, particularly (hangs head) mobwars. Oh well, I have phasal addictions...some seem to, caffeine, cigarettes. Though sometimes the form of art changes, I am currently attempting to persuade myself to make a FEW new pieces that will sell for the art show this friday, because as all artists know...I need the effing money! Unfortunately I do not appear to have an agent, any sponsors, nor am I willing to work a normal job (scratch that, ABLE...I am unable to work a normal job, lord knows I have tried) Soooo, have been chilling out lately...need to burn more candles and look into stupid stock photography and other things I am not capable of. One step at a time huh? I was built for vacations and creation...not this silly making money stuff....So just buy my stuff will you? (this is a call out to the universe...not anyone in particular.) Here are some of my recent photos.



JESSAMYN (playing with one of my pieces of jewelry)



Wednesday, September 10, 2008

more fun quotes

George Jonad, on Femininity, Beethoven's Mask pg 117:

Once I told Father that I was dating a bright girl.
"How bright?" he asked.
"An IQ of 130, maybe more," I said proudly.
"Drop her instantly," said Father, "This minute. I beg of you."

He swivelled on the piano stool to face me. "Brains are a burden," he continued, "to both men and womean. However, men are a little sturdier. They can cope with a slightly larger quantity of grey matter. Men usually start cracking around and IQ of 150. Women begin showing the strain around 125.

"Some people think that intelligent women aren't attractive. That's baseless prejudice. Intelligent women can be beautiful, and often are. They can also be affectionate lovers and excellent cooks. The problem's different"

"A woman of high IQ is likely to be unstable. Not always, obviously, but nine times out of ten. She'll be given to swings of mood and fits of temper--if not outright hallucinations. Steer clear."

"Figures often beguile me," Twain wrote, "particularly when I have the arranging of them myself; in which case the remark attributed to Disraeli would often apply with justice and force: 'There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.'"

Yet for Some Reason, Not When It's Burning Three Inches from My Face

Asian chick: Do you have an extra cigarette?
Tall dude: Yeah, sure.
Asian chick: Do you have a light?
Tall dude: Yeah, here you go.
Asian chick: Can you light it for me? I'm afraid of fire.

--Cosmic Cantina, Park Slope

Overheard by: worst pick up line ever

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

random quotes....

“ Beautiful women are invisible; we’re so dazzled by the outside that we never make it inside.
— George O’Hearn – ‘Elegy’

Monday, September 8, 2008

thw wide world of balloon fetish

If you have a twisted sense of humour or like girls dry humping balloons, this is a site for you.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Some crying women and a model orgy

need to post some of my crying pictures, the crying game...and thre is going to be a model orgy here this weekend.....only girls allowed or boys willing to be total sub mannequins.

lots of ideas

It is raining here...sometimes like my tropical storms. I don't have time right now to say heres some images.....