Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bob Randall is funny as all hell :D

Not only a brilliant commercial photographer, Mr. Randall and I have worked together a few times and hung out more. I got him hooked on model mayhem....for the betterment of the site I would like to think :D haha.

Anyhow, might as well see some of the images he did of me to contrast the ones he posts on the sides of CTA busses.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Been MODELING again...YES

After Magritte and a recent scene from the lapishotel

One of the problems of a busy life is there is so much I think about and so many things to say, and I have so many things I do, that I neglect my many thoughts and ideas I want to share. However, here is a recent photo of my house and a recent edit of my latest model Chrissy...the image reminded me a bit of magritte...

Photo of Chrissy by me

Charles Arbogast

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

For anyone who knows anything about palmistry (I don't)

This is my right hand....I tried to sharpen and show all the lines so that it will show detail clearly. Obviously not like the real thing, but at least a start...

Things about me

I haven't written for a while...have been experiencing a period of introspection, so I decided to do a stream of consciousness kind of expression of what I have been thinking about. Of course it is my favorite topic: me. But not just me, but my place in the universe and an examination of what attracts me and what I hold dear, and what things have remained constant throughout my life.

I will start by mentioning things that have been said about me throughout my life and that have stuck with me...

"your life is like a movie"
"are you psychic"
"you are a witch"
"you are both the most observant and the most oblivious person I have ever met" (I like this one a lot)
"Have you ever thought that you may be ADD?" (my response to this one was poor...)
"You are one of the few women I met who not only laughs at jokes, but makes them...most women are not 'funny' are"
"you have a sick sense of humor"
"you swear like a sailor"
"We think you may have a drinking problem" (when I was 18)
"You are not an like cocaine" (this was about 10 years ago...and is actually much more drugs of choice were marijuana (which I smoked everyday for about 16 years and didn't consider a drug at the time)
"when you want to, you really have flair"
"you are a really good artist, why aren't you in galleries?"
"Why haven't you achieved more with all your abilities?" (because I don't have the ability or desire to market myself? and because I prefer to create than make money?)
"I envy you, because you have chosen to be free rather than a slave to convention"
"What the hell kind of person are you?"
"you are soooo ghetto girl!" (shouted at me in the middle of the night after I came up with some kind of smartass retort while tripping on mushrooms and walking around barefoot with some friends in the middle of chicago) (can you tell I went through a bit of a 'crazy period'
"you could be just another mall girl, but somehow, you are not"
"for someone of your intelligence, it is amazing how emotional you can be at the same time"
"you are a classic case of bipolar I" (10 years ago when I was diagnosed by a very good physchiatrist, at least during my crisis period)
"you are a good cookie with a chemical imbalance...a lot of people diagnosed with bipolar actually have nasty personality disorders."
"You have gotten should exercise more" (after I had been taking an antipsychotic for a year with full knowledge I would put on 50 lbs, because I went manic even WITH a lot of medication and decided my body could get better, but my brain needed to be stabilized first) This previous comment was by my father, who is a medical doctor. Needless to say, I did feel like slapping him.
"Are you sure you need medication? can't you just meditate and exercise?" (from people who have no idea what my disease really is...and yes, exercise and meditation helps...but I will have to take these medications for the rest of my least I am not a zombie...and with the help of amazing doctors and my generally supportive family and friends I have been able to lower the dosages to a reasonable level, which makes it more necessary for me to avoid stress....)
"It doesn't matter what size you are, or what age, you alway have and always will ooze sex"

Okay, this is part one...what other have said about me....