Sunday, August 31, 2008

Pandering for OMP dollars

Well, many of my favorite photos are not really appreciated by a glamour site, but I was sick of having my one muse Rebecca as the only model on my lower model showcase thing. I have now pretty much nailed down what images of mine will get 'tagged' so I did a quick 15 minute edit and posted it on Anyas page....sure enough, 15 minutes later, there it was. I know it is pandering, but at least I posted it on my model port. I was getting driven crazy by the fact that there were odd numbers there. Somehow I prefer even numbers...lmao

Without further ado...the 15 minute pandering edit...which is also available as an 18 x 24 case anyone is interested....which is unlikely since most people who read this thing are as poor as i am. however, I am starting to actively look for signed print trades with other artists...Still need to get and frame stuff from a few people I have collected from....and without further ado, here is the omp dollar


Before I was medicated, I wan an ENTP...I am still close, but apparently without mania, I don't like people so much....

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Back from vacation...2 wweks in Canada, no internet...

Too many things to write...and of course, I managed to get repetitive stress issues with my left hand, so I can't really type too much out. Here are some macros I did...Let me tell you...macros are fucking HARD to do :D

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Model Session With Brian Moss

Natural LIght Fetish Play club

What they wanted

Since I discovered bt Charles and I are going to be in ths same gallery thing, I decided I should probably show some of the work that I actually do post on other than my blog....I also have more, but can't find the small .jpgs on my drive...I think I'll also post another series and some of my erotic modeling shots...i also felt that I was more erotic as a model. I am trying to do more natural light editorial stuff, which I have gotten back to more, and I still need to do some edits of those....

Monday, August 11, 2008

The hell of too many photos

I try to arrange my folders into dates and names...but I have recently been scanning old files for still good content and moving the old drives into storage as, I am basically moving at least a terabyte of memory from one place to another. I have been requested to find three print files of edits I have done for a gallery show...NO PROBLEM....except apparently it is.....Now I am trying desperately to find all the print files....grrrrr. I have found 3 out of four and am now simultanously copying four folders from one drive to another and indexing the first drive to search folders by date. I probably shouldn't be doing all this at one fact I should probably cancel the search by date function until the other folders are copied...Okay, I am going to do that now. GRRRRR x2


Thursday, August 7, 2008

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Guy Bourdin influence?

The first two images are bourdin, and the black and white one is mine...I think Jurgen Teller did some too....will have to google him now....and that japanese guy...of course, they are all different....looking I can see I do have my own take...I like ambiguity, and am working in doing it in more documentary instead of studio settings.

As promised

I couldn't upload my pretty pictures examples, so I shall do so now, and then in the next post show some work I did with Rebecca and my next door neighbor Justin. But first, you must see some non human natural light nature things

Monday, August 4, 2008

Mental Illness....

Is biologies way of keeping us from evolving too fast :D Everyone I know is brilliant, and neurotic, and most need some kind of medication...myself included. Thank God I am on the meds I need. I could rant about the health care and education system in this country...have been thinking about both of those lately, but I don't feel like being really ranty or angry right now. So, I will find a happy picture :D

I am officially a networking whore

in the webs in which I spin, showing my sites, you will now noticed I joined Facebook AND Flickr...after finding that 'everyone I knew or at least 10% of them' had already sold out and I haven't touched myspace in a while. Besides, I want to get more traffic towards my random ramblings on this blog, because I am also a comment whore...more here I think than anywhere else....However, I do not expect that stupid comment for comment thing...ugh. Just like to hear input. Insults or criticism are especially enjoyed :D

Okay, lets just see if I can avoid twitter and delicious (already have stumbleupon) and Digg it....otherwise I will never get ANYTHING done.

Doing some shooting today, both sides of the lens. The birthday girl is drinking, so I am going to have to grab the reflector and do it fast as I don't know how long she will last.....we also have a built in photo assistant reflector holder who is tall and is wearing s he'll make a good prop. I hope this actually WORKS before the birthday celebration takes over.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Film, Digital, and natural light..

Titania...Digital but going back to natural light. I should have had a reflector here to fill in her front a bit more, but next time

The magical MME PYCHOSIS She allowed me to do her injustice with my camera when I first got it. I miss her. Need to go to NYC and see/shoot her again :D Of course, everyone who has ever shot her says the same thing...she leaves one feeling that they need to work with her as many times as possible to capture her intelligence and ephemeral energy. I am happy to know her.

SIN ake Rachel, need to shoot her again...this was in a dark basement, natural light if lightbulbs count...they do to me obviously....Needed a bit more light here, or a tripod. I kind of don't like tripods, but they are necessary for some work I do. For my macros, I can manage with a monopod....

Private Commision. This girl was a trip. She really helped me jump by photographing her, was a natural model, but unfortunately too high maintenance with mysterious vices that I cannot partake of for me to continue our relationship. She did buy this print though, and while it is digital, I feel that it has filmic qualities....(not to mention a filter that imitates film grain)...and have had several people ask me if it is, it is not.

THIS IS FILM circa 1991 When I was in art school...has that great photo 1 black and white uber contrasty style, but I like it....a lot. We were waiting in line in the Sisters of Mercy concert....those are old friends of mine...Matt Massana and Adrienne...who was cool but crazy....they were fun as hell though, as was Danielle Dax and the Sisters. I had a tour t-shirt I kept forever until like so much of my stuff, it disappeared into the whirlpool of chaos I experienced in 1996-2000. The print was safely at my parents place, so like so much of my original film photography, I found it. I need to find the negatives. I did a lot of color negs, and damn, it took 8 hours and a million test strips to get the color even half assed right.

Even though I love photoshop and digital, and will continue to use it as a medium, I am really missing doing just black and white film camera stuff. Hotlights, no strobes, natural light, etc. Maybe even colour, but I don't know anyone who could do infrared and cross processed procedures with me. I really love polaroid and large format and alternative process and 4 x 5 collage....alas, I don't have the money or time or know the right people to do it full time. However, a pentax K100 and some tri x 400 might be a good place to start.....

I hate reading instructions

So I can't edit my posts once I publish them. the models in the previous post are Rebecca Laurence boypainting, and Bliss in her boots

Time Alone

Here are two images that appear to be iconic for a lot of people...guess two in two years isn't so bad.....

Ahhh. I love it, and yet too much of it drives me crazy. I have about 6 hours to myself....going to do some editing, etc. Trying to find those stupid outtakes of life around here. Everyone around me is going through some sort of trauma. I thank god, am not at the moment, other than I have a lot of things to do and the top one on my list appears to be : Procrastination!

Here are two images that appear to be iconic for a lot of people...guess two in two years isn't so bad.....

Friday, August 1, 2008

Feeling a bit inspired?

Well, the last few days I was experiencing the ever so fun depression/emotional anxiety of...PMS...I know, for you guys out there, you don't want to hear about it, so we will move along :D. Today I have been playing with, which is, by the way almost universally reviewed as a powerful color and design tool...if you like color, check it out. Also, I added a few photoshop links to my ever expanding blog list for those of you who enjoy screwing around with PS. After not editing for a while, I think I am going to dig into a few old files and see what I can do with some photos that I could not do justice before....They are actually from a set with Rebecca...long story short one of our amazing collaborative bodypaintings and the strobes didn't work, so I had to shoot with a narrow depth of field and high, they are dark, brownish and grainy. Which isn't necessariy a bad thing. A few of them are renaissance inspired, and remind me of the faces made of fruit by Italian Painter (insert name and images here later) here is Rebecca, who is HERE again :D for her birthday and hanging out at Lollapalooza with my neighbor and friend Jen, and I am inside as the heat would give me heatstroke :D

Okay, now for some images As they were edited at the time and also a Lapishotel pic of my neighbor Jen (Lapishotel spills over there, her place is kind of an annex)