Sunday, February 22, 2009

Winter blahs

yes, I have not written for a few months. I have been in deep depression and have a wonderful excess of apathy and lack of inspiration. Anyone with some extra is welcome to give me some more. I have not been editing. I have not been doing anything. All I know, is that this too will pass. I have nothing wrong in my life except the artistic temperment that seems to sometimes envelope me in melancholy. I am looking forwsrd to having peole come and stay with me or stop by from march please call me if you are interested in bringing some inspiration to the Lapis hotel. I just started photographing old bulding the other week, I have pink high heels and a matching new wig which i need to add, and I apologize for not editing more photos for those muses who have inspired me. I will be doing more. Just can't do it when I am in this funk. But don't worry, Lapis is a survivor, and I will be back..(and better than ever?)

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